Welcome to VoteApp. We are revolutionizing voting with the most secure, convenient, and trustworthy system in history. By harnessing the power of Blockchain, VoteApp’s patented technology gives anyone who has a stake in the election the power to verify votes and election results while ensuring privacy and security.


A simple and intuitive application that puts security above all. Your vote is independently verified, tamper-resistant, and auditable. Rest assured that your vote is tallied privately and anonymously.

Don’t rely on a theoretical government official to count your vote. Your vote is safe with you!




Voting with VoteApp is tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. It is impossible to break the rules of your election when voting, and it is impossible to tamper with election results after votes are cast. Data is securely locked down with validation every step of the way. Blockchain shuts down tampering as soon as it is detected.


Only authorized persons can cast their vote. VoteApp also prevents voters from casting more than one vote, and from submitting ballots with more than one selection or any invalid selection.


All votes are publicly available for independent verification that election rules have been followed. All votes are instantly made available for auditing to detect fraud. VoteApp tracks down any discrepancy right down to the source.


Election results are sealed while voting is open, then unsealed for public viewing and validation after the election ends. Who and what you voted for remains anonymous, completely eliminating voter intimidation.


Voters can cast their votes in complete privacy, at home, with a standard smartphone, tablet, or computer. Convenience and easy access will do away with wait times, increase voter turnout, and decrease voting disparities.


Election administrators can view voting results in real-time. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming tallies and recounts. Instead, the blockchain generates a unique signature that validates that each vote was properly cast and counted.

With VoteApp, every vote counts. You’ll never wonder again if your voice was truly heard! Verify that your vote was cast correctly—all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.